Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wedding day. What a challenge! My sister and I were helping our good friend to prepare her wedding party. While she was dressing up we were decorating around her home and in the church, preparing the wedding car and putting all the other things together. Everything was so lovely. But, will she be satisfied with our masterpiece?

Suddenly we wanted her to see what we've done. She could tell us if it's OK or not and we could change some details while we were still there.

The easiest thing would be to snap a photo with a phone camera and send it to her. But there was a problem! She doesn't have a smart phone. Oops, what to do then? We were in a hurry. We didn't have time to open mailbox, attach picture, add a comment…

In that moment I decided to use Fylet. Luckily I installed Fylet on her computer when we were still at her place and it really came in handy. Can you imagine her, sitting patiently with curlers in her hair and checking photos on her computer to see what is going on? "Perfect", she said when she gave me a quick call.

But there was something that was worrying her. She wanted to know why there were only two trays of cakes waiting for wedding guests. "I ordered three in the bakery" she said. So we went back to the bakery, took one more tray, snapped a photo and the bride was calm again.

So, everything was under control. There was enough cakes, she knew exactly how the wedding car will look like with all that fancy bows, and when she came to the church she already knew where the flowers will stand. She was happy as can be.

That's what matters the most on the day like that!

And that's one of the reasons why I like to use Fylet. It's simple and quick.

Happy Fyleting!

Petra and the Fylet team

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Our team had fabulous spring holidays! It was nice to take some time out to relax. Last week we've been so much focused on turning out bug fixes and preparing market entry strategy that we really needed a break. One part of our team chose to go to inspiring Provence to discover true French joie de vivre. The other expedition decided for more active holidays. Rock climbing in Paklenica, Croatia was a big challenge.

But we weren't just wondering around with nothing to do. We all decided to join pleasure and work by testing Fylet in real life scenarios. That decision turned out to be the perfect way to polish Fylet’s user experience.

Charming Provence, gorgeous Paklenica

The opportunities for taking beautiful photos were endless, I don't even have to say that. What else is travelling through Provence other than enjoying in beautiful landscapes, admiring vibrant colors that enchanted so many painters, and being seduced by intense aromas and flavors. Blooming trees in Grasse, cobbled lanes in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, house facades in traditional colors everywhere, spirit of Cezanne, Renoir and other famous artists, wild horses of Camargue, ancient Arles, adorable marketplaces, delicious food and wine. Charming! 

Or climbing high on the rocks of Paklenica National Park which spreads over a coastal slope of the southern Velebit Mountain Range. When you wake up in a camp near the sea you can feel salt in the air. Just a minute latter you can already climb on a big wall of Anića Kuk. Your climbing partner who has your life on the rope is the only one you can trust. But imagine the feeling of freedom when you are in the middle of the wall in that amazing spot of nature. Gorgeous!

Smooth transfer...

So, you can imagine that our smartphones were overloaded with tons of photographs day after day. That could be a really big trouble, but not for us. Luckily Fylet was with us and it was taking care of our precious memories. Fylet was automatically sending all the photos we snapped to computers of our colleagues and family. And they were really amazed. “It was just like we were there with you”, they said. It is really nice to hear something like that, but all the things didn’t go so smooth. 

...and some troubles too

While we were eating our own dog food we must admit we had some troubles. Wi-Fi in some provencal hotels was so poor that we lost internet connection every 30 seconds. Arrrrgh! Of course nothing can work with that kind of network. And as the Fylet user I was not getting enough information what is going on. So, we’ll definitely add more informative notifications for the user.

Next interesting thing was that info screen was by far most opened page in the smart phone application. Probably that should be home screen for Fylet mobile app.

And the climbing expedition? There was a moment when they felt really, really lucky that they decided to test Fylet in Paklenica. Our developer Petra had her mobile in a pocket when she climbed high on the wall... and suddenly... her mobile felt down into the deep canyon! The phone was lost, but photos she snapped were not. In the morning when she was still in the camp she used Fylet and send all the pictures to her home computer.

Anyway,Fylet was really handy.

We hope it comes in handy during your next holiday too!

Your Fylet team

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Old shoe-boxes with piles of your favorite photographs. Still remember those times? For sure, but things are totally different for quite some time. People have more and more photos which never end in romantic boxes. They are piled on computers and external discs.

One of the reasons we all have more and more photographs is that we can very easily snap them with our smart phones. I remember not so long ago you could saw everyone using cameras. Nowadays wherever I go I see we all widely use our smartphones. But this is where the troubles start. 

Tons of photos, tons of troubles

The more photos you have, the harder is to take care of them. Do you always have cable around to transfer tons of your memories? Do you remember to transfer photos from phone to computer regularly or only when phone complains it has no more free storage left to take new photo? 

I hate when I manage to connect phone to computer wirelessly but then I have to click several times for every photo to download it. And I am not the only one. A lot of people I talked to confirmed same unpleasant experiences. Are you among them?

Fylet offers you a solution

If you answer is 'yes', than you should give Fylet a try. It is a simple and safe way to transfer photos from your smart phone or tablet to computer. With Fylet you can forget cable. It works wirelessly. It works here, there, everywhere, even if devices are miles apart. With Fylet your photo transfer is hassle free. It is fully automated solution. There is no clicking to download your pictures.

But Fylet not only simplifies the transfer of photographs. Fylet also assures high level of privacy. It is not a cloud based solution, so your private photos will never be stored on any server. You'll have your memories stored only on your personal devices.

How does it work?

There are two parts of Fylet: the app running on your mobile phone or your tablet and a matching one on your computer. This enables direct communication between your devices. 

It works in two simple steps. Every user and device is authenticated and then the process of establishing direct link between your devices is initiated. In the background there are hi-tech networking stuff going on and it could take up to couple of minutes to create direct channel between your devices. But then photos will be transferred really fast. 

Let Fylet takes care of your memories! Try it now

We hope you'll enjoy it!

The Fylet Team