Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wedding day. What a challenge! My sister and I were helping our good friend to prepare her wedding party. While she was dressing up we were decorating around her home and in the church, preparing the wedding car and putting all the other things together. Everything was so lovely. But, will she be satisfied with our masterpiece?

Suddenly we wanted her to see what we've done. She could tell us if it's OK or not and we could change some details while we were still there.

The easiest thing would be to snap a photo with a phone camera and send it to her. But there was a problem! She doesn't have a smart phone. Oops, what to do then? We were in a hurry. We didn't have time to open mailbox, attach picture, add a comment…

In that moment I decided to use Fylet. Luckily I installed Fylet on her computer when we were still at her place and it really came in handy. Can you imagine her, sitting patiently with curlers in her hair and checking photos on her computer to see what is going on? "Perfect", she said when she gave me a quick call.

But there was something that was worrying her. She wanted to know why there were only two trays of cakes waiting for wedding guests. "I ordered three in the bakery" she said. So we went back to the bakery, took one more tray, snapped a photo and the bride was calm again.

So, everything was under control. There was enough cakes, she knew exactly how the wedding car will look like with all that fancy bows, and when she came to the church she already knew where the flowers will stand. She was happy as can be.

That's what matters the most on the day like that!

And that's one of the reasons why I like to use Fylet. It's simple and quick.

Happy Fyleting!

Petra and the Fylet team


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