Thursday, April 25, 2013


Just imagine. Your phone is overloaded with tons of gorgeous holiday photos. Finally, after a few days or even weeks you decide to download them. But… oups… you can't find required cable anywhere. Sounds familiar? 

Ok, but what do you do then? 

If you’re like the majority out there, you probably email your own photos to yourself? 

Definitely annoying. Should it be like this?

It should be simple

We agree, transferring photos from your phone to your computer is one of the most annoying tasks. It is either complicated or it takes a very long time. When we had to do it we were thoroughly annoyed too.

So, one day we said to ourselves that transferring pictures shouldn't be such a terrible and complicated thing. It should be simple and fast! That day we decided to solve this major pain point of photo taking. That is how Fylet was born.

Fylet makes it simple

Fylet is an mobile app that simplifies your photo transfer. You don’t have to understand complicated technology, all you have to do is to take as many beautiful pictures as you wish. Fylet is here for all the rest. It will transfer your photos from your mobile device to your computer automatically. 

Simplicity along with security

Are you asking yourself does simplicity goes along with security or even privacy? Yes, it does. When we built Fylet, our number one priority was privacy and security of your photos. You don't have to worry about anyone being able to access your photos because they are never stored on any server.  It is not an cloud based solution, it uses p2p technology. That means that your photographs are always sent directly from your device to your computer. 

So, with Fylet you are in total control of your memories.

We hope you'll find Fylet useful just like we do.

Happy Fyleting!